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Studies Help Determine Effects of Drugged Driving

Post On 06-19-2014

Medical marijuana is now legal in 22 states, including the state of Michigan. Many other states have decriminalized marijuana, such as Colorado. Around one dozen towns in Michigan also have measures on the ballot which decriminalize marijuana. Driving a vehicle while under the influence remains a concern among many safety advocates, and the number of highway deaths(Read More)

Washington State Announces Campaign to Prevent High Driving

Post On 06-19-2014

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission recently launched a campaign which reminds those who plan to visit one of the new marijuana retail stores opening in July that driving while high is still illegal. The campaign, “Drive High, Get a DUI” will includes multiple messages on television and through other media outlets. The commercials were aired in Colorado(Read More)

More Teens Receive License in Summer

Post On 06-19-2014

A higher number of teenagers receive their driver’s licenses in the summer compared with all other seasons. Parents should expect their expenses to increase as a teenager gets their license, and parents are also encouraged to talk with their teenagers concerning safety habits. Delaware ranked eighth for teenage drivers, according to a survey by WalletHub. The survey(Read More)

Motorcyclist Safety Tips

Post On 06-18-2014

As the weather improves throughout the country, more motorcyclists are hitting the road. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation said nearly half of all deadly motorcycle wrecks involve another vehicle. The car or truck driver is more often at-fault compared to a motorcyclist. Due to the narrowness of motorcycles, they may become hidden inside a vehicle’s blind spot or(Read More)

Research Shows Child’s Chances of Injury Higher in the Morning

Post On 06-18-2014

New research recently revealed that children in Scotland are more likely to experience an accident due to rushing in the morning. 39% of parents admitted during a survey that safety precautions are often pushed aside during the morning rush. 5% of parents prioritize keeping children away from hot items or cleaning products during the morning, and the(Read More)

California Auditor Critiques Commission on Passenger Safety

Post On 06-18-2014

A California state auditor announced on Tuesday the commission which oversees passenger carriers is failing to make sure customers remain safe. The state auditor said a lack in leadership by the Transportation Enforcement Branch of the California Public Utilities Commission is leading to safety issues, and management isn’t setting the proper guidelines for oversight. Their report also(Read More)

Hawaii Ranks Second in Teen Driving Report

Post On 06-18-2014

WalletHub’s 2014 Best and Worst States for Teen Drivers report revealed Hawaii is ranked near the top of the list for teen driver safety conditions, behind New York state. The 50 states were compared using 16 key metrics, and data was categorized into different categories such as safety conditions, economic environment and driving laws of every state.(Read More)

Glider Rockers Pose Fall Hazard

Post On 06-18-2014

The Brooks Furniture Glider Rockers were recently recalled because safety experts determined the spindles in the base may separate while rocking, leading to a fall hazard for the customer. Consumers can reach Brooks Furniture for more information about the recall. Approximately 350 units are included in the recall. Two styles of Brooks Furniture glider rockers are included(Read More)

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