Chobani Yogurt Removed from Stores

Post On 09-03-2013

Chobani recently announced they are taking their yogurt cups down from store shelves because customers have reported sour, foul smells coming from the yogurt. Some customers allege the yogurt caused them to become ill. An official recall hasn’t been issued yet, however they said they’re working with retailers to replace defective products. They said they don’t believe their products pose any safety concerns. An anonymous customer said they purchased many Chobani yogurts from a Safeway and discovered they were bloated and their foil covers were punctured. One cup’s contents were pouring from the container. The manager said they removed all the products from their store. Another man claimed his store took down all the yogurts with expiration dates from September 7 to August 24. A Walmart spokesperson said Chobani asked their stores to take down products. A spokesperson from Safeway along with Target said they haven’t gotten word on an official recall. Walgreens and Kroger representatives did not respond to requests for information. Customers have reported problems with the product on Chobani’s facebook page, as well. As soon as a product is found to be defective, they are taken out of stores, but they are recalled as soon as they are found to cause harm to customers, according to news reports.