How to Keep Kids Who Bike to School Safe

Post On 09-04-2013

As many return to school, routines are re-organized and parents and children begin to get back into the habit of regular classes. There are some difficulties with commuting, and many families are figuring out the best way for their kids to get to and from school. If they decide to allow their children to bike to school, there are many safety tips they should keep in mind before daily commutes start. Firstly, safety experts advise always wearing a helmet, because it is the most effective way to prevent head injuries and fatalities. Find a helmet that fits correctly, then make sure a child wears it every time they ride, skate or use the scooter. The helmet must meet all standards established by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Allow a child to choose their own helmet since they’ll be more likely to wear them. Check to make sure it fits properly and show the child how to wear it, with the helmet level and not able to slide from side-to-side, and snug straps that hold it in place. Children should wear different helmets depending on the activity they are partaking in. The helmet may vary depending on whether it is for roller skating or in-line skating.

When you pick out a helmet for the child, bring them along. Choose one that is the right size at the time of fitting, not one they’ll grow into later. The child’s feet should be able to touch the ground when they’re sitting on the bike. Before riding off, make sure reflectors are completely secure, the brakes are working correctly, and the gear shifts operate smoothly. Tires should be properly inflated and secured. Make sure all long or loose clothing that could potentially get caught is secured. Make sure children are supervised while riding until they can ride safely on their own. Tell them to be aware of all cars, trucks, and other cyclists on the road. They should know the rules of the road before they cycle in the same lane as traffic. Make sure to monitor children so they behave properly while riding, and always wear your helmet to be a good role-model. Teach kids to ride with the flow of traffic and maintain eye contact with drivers. Keep as far to the side of the road as possible, and obey all signals and signs. Make sure they look both directions while crossing and yield properly to cars, according to news reports.