Lawsuit Filed Due to Lowered Value of GM Vehicles

Post On 06-19-2014

A recent federal lawsuit was filed asking GM to send checks to all owners of late-model vehicles, not only the owners of recalled vehicles. Many lawsuits are already underway involving the automaker. A possible $10 billion lawsuit may be filed in order to seek compensation for 15 million vehicle and truck owners. The lawsuit alleges recent lawsuits have damaged the GM brand along with value of recent vehicle models. 44 recalls have been conducted altogether as of now, including 17.73 million cars. A vehicle owner from La Quinta, California filed the lawsuit and claims she would not have purchased her 2010 Buick LaCross if GM announced the safety flaws with their cars sooner. She’s attempting to have class-action status for her lawsuit in order to represent everyone who purchased or leased a GM car from 2009 to April 1 of this year, along with individuals who sold their vehicles. Sale tracking data revealed the recalls haven’t affected GM’s sales overall, and the prices individuals are paying for these cars. The latest lawsuit doesn’t include older, small vehicles included in the recall due to ignition switch issues connected with 13 fatalities and 54 car wrecks. GM faced many lawsuits due to the reduced value of these vehicles, according to news reports.