Motorcyclist Safety Tips

Post On 06-18-2014

As the weather improves throughout the country, more motorcyclists are hitting the road. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation said nearly half of all deadly motorcycle wrecks involve another vehicle. The car or truck driver is more often at-fault compared to a motorcyclist. Due to the narrowness of motorcycles, they may become hidden inside a vehicle’s blind spot or masked by outdoor objects. Passenger vehicle drivers may not notice the driver due to these factors. Since passenger vehicles are larger and heavier than motorcycles, these drivers should be responsible and make sure they remain safe by keeping an eye out for motorcycles whenever changing lanes, turning at an intersection or pulling out of a driveway. Everybody on the roadway should remain safe, and tips were recently provided in order to make sure drivers and motorcyclists share the road safely. Experts state it can often be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed, and they often seem further away. Motorists should always assume a motorcycle is closer than it appears. Motorcyclists are also slower as a result of downshifting or rolling off the throttle. This won’t activate the brake light, so motorcyclists should be allowed a longer stopping distance of 3-4 seconds. A motorcyclist may slow down without putting their brake lights on, as well. The stopping distance for motorcycles is about the same as vehicles, however if the roadway is wet it can make it more difficult to stop quickly with two wheels. Always allow for more stopping room while behind a motorcycle.

Within a lane, motorcyclists will move in order to be seen more easily and reduce the impact of roadway debris by passing vehicles and wind quickly. They aren’t showing off, state safety experts, they are rather adjusting their position within the lane to remain safe. Motorcyclists should be treated with the same respect as other vehicles on the road, and allowed enough room on a roadway. Young drivers especially should remain careful since they may not understand the concept of sharing the roadway as well as a more experienced driver. Always check for injuries and contact an ambulance whenever an accident occurs. If the accident is only minor, move all vehicles to a safe point out of harm’s way. Note any damages immediately along with witness information and take details. Contact the police and go to the nearest police department to file a report, according to news reports.