More Teens Receive License in Summer

Post On 06-19-2014

A higher number of teenagers receive their driver’s licenses in the summer compared with all other seasons. Parents should expect their expenses to increase as a teenager gets their license, and parents are also encouraged to talk with their teenagers concerning safety habits. Delaware ranked eighth for teenage drivers, according to a survey by WalletHub. The survey compares driving conditions in different states using 16 metrics and placed them into various categories. For distracted driving and texting while driving laws, Delaware ranked first, as well as first in teen driver graduated driver licensing program laws. The state ranked second in teen driver deaths per licensed teen driver, fourth for the average cost of repairs, and 12th in premium increases after a teen driver is added to a car insurance plan. The state also ranked 23rd in quality of roads, 31st in ten drivers as a percentage of the total number of drivers, and 39th in the percent of the teen population with drivers licenses. Finally, the state ranked 45th in driving laws against drunk drivers. Parents should limit their teen’s driving and the number of passengers in order to lower the risk of a crash, according to news reports.