Washington State Announces Campaign to Prevent High Driving

Post On 06-19-2014

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission recently launched a campaign which reminds those who plan to visit one of the new marijuana retail stores opening in July that driving while high is still illegal. The campaign, “Drive High, Get a DUI” will includes multiple messages on television and through other media outlets. The commercials were aired in Colorado earlier this year as a part of their efforts to tackle driving while high by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The ads include individuals trying different activities while high, and the text on the screen reveals it is legal to do these activities while high, however it is still illegal to driver under the influence of marijuana. Initiative 502 didn’t provide funds for public education before legalization, however public safety experts believe the campaign is crucial to preventing driving while under the influence. Drivers are urged to report a hazardous driver who could be under the influence to authorities immediately. This can help prevent a potential wreck and injuries along with deaths due to a crash caused by a dangerous driver who may be high, according to news reports.