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If you have been injured in or around Seattle please make sure to give us a call for a free no obligation legal consultation at 1-800-418-8282 at any time or day.

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The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the Bernard Law Group represent victims of catastrophic injury throughout Washington state. Our firm has the resources to help you if you have suffered due to the negligence of another person. Call 1-800-418-8282 to get a free consultation with a legal expert today.

  • For more than 30 years, Kirk Bernard has successfully represented accident victims and their families.
  • The Bernard Law Group offers proof of its success on behalf of clients with a verifiable track record.
  • More than 10,000 accident victims and their families have benefited from our vigorous pursuit of their legal rights.
  • The attorneys working with the Bernard Law Group have diverse backgrounds, and all have been trial defense and/or in-house insurance lawyers.
  • The Bernard Law Group actively participates in the Washington State Association for Justice.

Our Track Record of Success

In order to achieve a successful presentation of the facts, the Bernard Law Group investigates every aspect of each case. Our highly experienced attorneys monitor, update, and deal with all relevant issues, carefully ushering each case to a favorable resolution. We have the necessary financial resources to take on any defendant, no matter how large, or how rich.

Our extensive list of successes is proof of our legal acumen and unique grasp of the intricacies of personal injury litigation. We are equally proud of the testimonials and endorsements of those injured individuals we’ve represented.

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